Project Description

Fender Striking The Right Chord

Shirts? Yep – the brief was to maximise visibility for T-shirts in a musical instrument shop. The problem was how to make the displays stand out, yet fit in, with a shop full of exciting musical instruments.
It doesn’t take the brain of Britain to realise that it’s the instruments that command attention in a music shop. So we decided to make the T-shirts appear as an integral part of an instrument – a guitar. The key was to make the guitar display appear so realistic it could be positioned at the heart of the store and wouldn’t look out of place. Using a combination of artwork manipulation and printing techniques we created this wood veneer look. We then used mirri board for the tuning knobs to generate a real-life look and feel.
T-shirt sales exceeded all forecasts. The client was so impressed that they wanted us to roll out the idea to other products such as amplifiers and speakers. “Not only do you know that you’re getting the best in the business in terms of creativity, innovation and creating a point of interest. You also know with Lynx that you’re getting a service that is trustworthy, reliable and perfectly matched to your brief. People buy people at the end of the day, you know with Lynx that it’s money well spent.” Alex Ballantyne, Product Manager, Fender Musical Instruments Europe Ltd.